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Homebuyer Surveying has been setup to provide you with access to a nationwide network of RICS Chartered Surveyors. Using our instant RICS local Surveyors quotes comparison finder. Find a Surveyor, book a survey, property valuation. It's easy to order a property survey and valuation for your new property..

We compare property Homebuyer survey and valuation fee prices online for you within a few simple fee free steps, we quote so that you can instruct using the Homebuyer Surveying introduction service.

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You want to book a Survey and get a report as fast as is possible. Please complete the questions below and we will be back in touch with a quotation and an available Survey date. You can then decide if you would like to go forward with our quotation. 

Why have a Homebuyer Survey?

Many Homebuyers and Investors buy a house with just a Valuation which forms part of the Mortgage offer. The lender advises and sometimes insists that you have a Valuation carried out on your chosen property and they use this report to determine if your offer for the property is representative of the property market quoted value.

A property survey is YOUR independent summary of what repairs are required to bring the property forward kept up to the RICS standard. If you buy a property without having a survey carried out, then any quoted immediate repairs will remain hidden and will only get worse.

Don't not fall into the trap of not having a survey - Your property that you looked forward to buying and enjoying it may or will start to cost you money. Do not use level 2 for renovated or altered properties. Level 3 is ideal for any properties undergone renovation or altered in any way, normally pre 1945.

The Solution - Plan a Property Survey, Protect your Investment and use the results of a Homebuyer Survey to your benefit

Property Surveys are often used to negotiate a cheaper price for a property. It is prudent to carry out a survey to identify the repairs, determine the cost of your repairs and decide to either ask the seller to bring the property to RICS standard before you exchange or that they reduce the offer final price by the cost of repairs. This is where the term "Subject to Survey" now makes sense and comes into play when buying a property.

Are you ready to order your RICS Property Survey?

Lets check whether you are ready to order a surveyor to carry out a property survey, using the following todo / check list:

  • You have planned to move
  • You have checked your affordability by carrying out a Mortgage Market Review with an IFA or mortgage adviser
  • You have found a property that you like
  • You have made an offer on your chosen property
  • Your offer has been accepted, subject to survey

If you have completed all of these, then it's time to order a property survey, with a RICS chartered surveyor.

You can choose from the following types of survey:


Here at Homebuyer cost-effective surveying taking note at quote or valuation stage quote that any enquiries you make, you should use your unique number, to proceed it must be used by quoting the reference detailed in your quote

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Why Choose Us

Homebuyer Surveying in partnership with the Homebuyer Conveyancing panel provides you with access to a nationwide network of RICS chartered Surveyors. You can order the right property survey for your needs. You can choose between The RICS Level 1 Condition Report - Property Condition Only, The RICS Level 2 Homebuyer Report - Property Condition and Valuation, The RICS Level 3 Premium Building Survey - Property Condition, Valuation and Repairs with Approximate Costs / Urgency. You found a property and made an offer ‘Subject to Survey’ it is now important that you take note and act on your Survey results. Consider making a lower offer! remember the repairs will still need to be organised.

Free No Obligation Advice

Need Homebuyer Surveying Advice From a Professional? – Book a call from a RICS Surveyor. Please call us on 0345 463 7664. We are here to help you.

You can also get an online Conveyancing quote with us. Our conveyancing search filters provide specialist conveyancing quotes. Help to Buy conveyancing, Right to Buy conveyancing, Shared Ownership conveyancing solicitors, and Transfer of Equity costs of conveyancing.

You can also search for a specific Lender Conveyancer that is on your approved mortgage conveyancing lender panel. This is often applicable when you have a loan / mortgage.

Our Service Includes:

  • Finding the right Homebuyer Survey for your property purchase quickly and efficiently
  • Competitive Homebuyer Surveying quotes to match your Survey needs – 3 choices
  • You can arrange for a Surveyor to call you if you are unsure which Survey is best for you
  • Homebuyer Surveying in partnership with the Homebuyer Conveyancing Panel focuses on delivering what the Customer needs to make an informed decision
  • Our Surveying quotes are comprehensive and tailored to suit First Time Buyers, Buy to Let Investors, Residential Property Buyers and New Build Buyers that need a fast track Survey
  • We also provide a Conveyancer Finder service which can be Lender specific if required. The Homebuyer Conveyancing panel is nationwide and the members are SRA regulated Conveyancing Solicitors and CLC Licensed Conveyancers
  • Compare Conveyancing Quotes Online

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