Homebuyer Surveying Questions and Answers - FAQs | Surveying Process. Which Survey?

At Homebuyer Surveying, we believe there is too much confusion in the marketplace when discussing property surveys and homebuyer reports. We have some of our top frequently asked questions (FAQs) listed below to help you when you are looking to order a homebuyer survey on your potential future home.

Homebuyer Surveying Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do I contact my lender to organise my property survey?

You do not need to contact your lender to organise a Homebuyer Survey. Quite often your lender can suggest or recommend certain survey companies to carry out your survey. Our tip is go online and get a quote for your survey. Get an instant online price, direct from a RICS certified professional, that knows the area where you are purchasing the property.

2. Which type of Property Survey should I choose?

Most Homebuyers and Investors ask for a Valuation and a Survey together. This report is the RICS Homebuyer Report Survey. If the property is old or unconventional in build, then a structural survey should be considered. This is known as a Premium Building Survey. You can obtain a quote for your property survey online right now.

3. How long does a survey take to carry out?

The survey typically takes 3.5 hours from start to finish. Local travelling, visit the property, return to the office and write up the report.

4. I need a survey carrying out urgently this week - Is this achievable?

Homebuyer Surveying has national coverage throughout England and Wales. We have complete visibility through our various back office systems, of which Surveyors (even outside of your locality), may be able to help. If your survey is urgent, we have the contacts, the knowledge and the systems to find you the best surveyor at the best price.

5. After my survey has been carried out, can I discuss my report with my Surveyor?

Homebuyer Surveying is all about providing you with the tools, information and pricing, to make informed decisions. We are more than happy to arrange a callback from your RICS Surveyor to discuss your Survey in more detail and will always provide you with the full contact details of your RICS Chartered Surveyor when ordering through Homebuyer Surveying.

Why Choose Us

Homebuyer Surveying in partnership with the Homebuyer Conveyancing panel provides you with access to a nationwide network of RICS chartered Surveyors. You can order the right property survey for your needs. You can choose between The RICS Level 1 Condition Report - Property Condition Only, The RICS Level 2 Homebuyer Report - Property Condition and Valuation, The RICS Level 3 Premium Building Survey - Property Condition, Valuation and Repairs with Approximate Costs / Urgency. You found a property and made an offer ‘Subject to Survey’ it is now important that you take note and act on your Survey results. Consider making a lower offer! remember the repairs will still need to be organised.

Free No Obligation Advice

Need Homebuyer Surveying Advice From a Professional? – Book a call from a RICS Surveyor. Please call us on 0345 463 7664. We are here to help you.

You can also get a Conveyancing quote online with us. Our conveyancing search filters provide specialist conveyancing quotes. Help to Buy, Right to Buy, Shared Ownership, and Transfer of Equity.

You can also search for a specific Lender Conveyancer that is on your approved mortgage conveyancing lender panel. This is often applicable when you have a loan / mortgage.

Our Service Includes:

  • Finding the right Homebuyer Survey for your property purchase quickly and efficiently
  • Competitive Homebuyer Surveying quotes to match your Survey needs – 3 choices
  • You can arrange for a Surveyor to call you if you are unsure which Survey is best for you
  • Homebuyer Surveying in partnership with the Homebuyer Conveyancing Panel focuses on delivering what the Customer needs to make an informed decision
  • Our Surveying quotes are comprehensive and tailored to suit First Time Buyers, Buy to Let Investors, Residential Property Buyers and New Build Buyers that need a fast track Survey
  • We also provide a online Conveyancer Finder service which can be Lender specific if required. The Homebuyer Conveyancing panel is nationwide and the members are SRA regulated Conveyancing Solicitors and CLC Licensed Conveyancers

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Homebuyer Conveyancing is made up of a panel of licensed conveyancers and solicitors that cover the counties in England and Wales.


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